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life in a mirror

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July 27th, 2005

05:23 pm - i feel like a bead wearing belly dancer, oops i meant ballet
Call my phone! my phone misses you!

outside i hear the thunder roll right by
ro-oo-ooool, roll right by me.

im with my BETTER HALF. holla back girl. allies in the house.

tomorrow's my day off. woo hoo. yoo hoo. i dont like chocolate milk.
Current Music: bonnie mckee!!!!!

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July 24th, 2005

03:32 pm - plain as (damien) rice
Nothing unusual. Nothing strange. Close to nothing at all.

But I guess it was totally expected.

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July 21st, 2005

05:56 pm - here's a toast, to all those who hear me all too well

to my friends, who brighten my smile & cheer my soul,

i'll love you FOREVER
i'll like you for ALWAYS
as long as i'm living
my BABIES you'll be

lots and lots of love, <3 mary alice


Current Music: Eve 6

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July 18th, 2005

02:44 pm - My life as a movie
Sunday evening

COFFEE AND CIGARETTES: starring Teresa Vargo and Mary Alice Campbell

Monday afternoon

THE LAST PICTURE SHOW: starring Allie Madigan and Mary Alice Campbell


call me mofo!!!!

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July 16th, 2005

08:00 pm
i thought summer was supposed to be relaxing. i am stressed times ten. and i think its making me sick. and sometimes i think certain people couldnt drive you more crazy even if they tried. i need to keep my head. i always do this.

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July 10th, 2005

08:20 pm
i completely forgot i had a livejournal. i just read my last update about pigs flying. wow. what i was talking about is so not true anymore. its weird how things change so fast. i forgot that i even felt that way, and now i dont even care. this doesnt make sense. leave me some love.


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April 4th, 2005

09:04 pm
its like trying to make pigs fly. and you cant do that. at least i cant.

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March 29th, 2005

02:36 pm
i cant believe you called my chicken a rooster.

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March 20th, 2005

09:29 am
A - Age: 18

B - Band listening to right now: postal service

C - Crush: "i've got a crush on you. i hope you feel the way that i do. i get a rush when im with you. ooo i got a crush on you" you caught me. i like mandy moore.

D - Dad's name: colin

E - Easiest person to talk to: Allie and Lindsey

F - Favorite bands at the moment: graham colton band, straylight run, spindoctors

G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: i dont like to discrimate

H - Hometown: PHOENIX

I - Instruments: piano

J- Junior High: Ville de Marie

K - Kids: im still a kid. ask me later.

L - Longest car ride ever: here to wisconsin. it took five days. we saw every state capital and presidential library along the way.

M - Mom's name: erin

N - Nicknames: mac, alice baby, hey you, shithead

O - One wish: GRADUATION!!

P - Phobia[s]: top bunk of bunkbed, javelinas.

Q - Quote: "why don't we hit restart, pause it at our favorite parts, we'll skip the goodbyes."

R - Reason to smile: it uses more muscles than frowning. and i just crack myself up.

S - Song you sang last: "are you feeling it, in a different time. are you telling the same jokes that you told me when me met the first time?.."

T - Time you woke up today: 7:50 am

U - Underwear color- green

V - Vegetable you hate: tomatoes

W - Worst habit(s): lying. haha

X - X-rays you've had: my pearly whites

Y - Yummy food: einstein's and jamba juice and pancakes. if i was president i would make it breakfast all the time!!!!!

Z - Zebras?: have four legs and stripes. i want one.

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March 6th, 2005

11:24 am - Gilmore Girls or die

May 3, 2005

finally something to look forward to. my life makes sense again.

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